Our Members are our Clients


The Sacco has over 25 years experience in the cooperative banking sector and it is indeed growing with the times...


@ Masihlume Sacco, there's no shareholders and investors who are sharing the profits of the Sacco.

Members of Masihlume Sacco are the clients and owners of the Sacco, they share all the profits of the Sacco trough patronage proportion sharing fashion.

Members of the Sacco are the board of directors of Sacco, and all other committees are formed by Members of the Sacco, who are also the founders/directors of the Sacco. 

Masihlume Sacco was founded during 1996 and was officially registered with CIPC during 2004.

Masihlume Sacco is an
employer and geographically based Sacco, as the common bond extend to everyone (Natural/Juristic) residing, living, praying and/or working within the Makara Local Municipality

 What we Do


Cooperative Banking is our passion

Unlike the stokvels and any other community groups/schemes, at the end of each year @Masihlume Sacco we do not disburse, divide and share everything we collected during the year. We are very consistent and surely growing with the times.

 Masihlume Sacco is collecting money from members as savings which earns Interest, and land back the money to members as Loans which pays interest to the Sacco.

All the profits generated from loans and savings are used to lower the interest on loans and increase the interest on savings, one way of proportionally sharing the profits of the Sacco

The Sacco is doing its business within the MAKANA LOCAL MUNIPALITY in the Eastern Cape Province

Members are encouraged to make monthly regular savings which earn up to
 6% Interest rate
  • Mandatory Shares
  • Regular Savings.
  • Current Account
Take Interest earning Investments 
Up to 6% Interest rate 
  • Xmas Savings
  • Fixed Deposits
Loans to Members
As little as 2% interest rate
  • Quick Loans
  • Emergency Loans
  • Personal Loans

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Enjoy the real Banking...

Our dedicated Team

From year 2015, Masihlume Sacco arranged for one of the experienced, skilled and talented dedicated team members in directing the Sacco operations, growth, compliance and improve member (customer)/ Stakeholder   Care and relations.

The Sacco is part of the group of Sacco's who have came together to co-operate, combine and share resources. 

From the collective efforts, Masihlume Sacco has a highest's  DEDICATED TEAM Members to manage all operations and stakeholder relations of the Sacco (Members)

With our dedicated Team, "SIYAHLUMA"


What a best way 
                               to Bank

  • Does Your Bank Invite you to the annual General Meeting?

  • By default as a Client, are you the owner and shareholder of your Bank?

  • Are you part of the Saving and Loan product development at your Bank?

  • Do you  have a say on any banking fees charged by your Bank?, or at list are you told why fees are increasing?

  • Can your Bank give you access to finance without full security and/ or no security at all?
If your answer to the above questions is all NO, you need to change the way you do banking.

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Want to know our numbers?

The below numbers indicate an increase in  our current  membership, savings and loans accounts 
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